Near ubiquitous broadband Internet connecting a multitude of distributed embedded systems in the IoT world,introduces new challenges in data transfer performance and communication security. The Oxalis meets these challenges head on and provides a high performance IoT gateway solution with low power consumption in a modular architecture.

NXP LS1012A Evaluation Kit

pdficon small Oxalis_Datasheet_V101
pdficon small Oxalis_Schematic_V210_Var1_A
pdficon small Oxalis_Assembly_V210_Var1_A
pdficon small Oxalis_SOM_Schematic_V200_Var1_A
pdficon small Oxalis_SOM_Assembly_V200_Var1_A
pdficon small Oxalis-Getting-Started_V001
pdficon small Oxalis-SDK_Developer_Manual_V008
pdficon small Oxalis-Test_Suite_User_Manual_V003
pdficon small kernel_stable_20181201.itb

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