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Your Electrical Engineering Office

Our engineering office specialises in developing custom electronics hardware and firmware solutions. We also program computer software to suit your individual requirements. We also manufacture electronic components and assemble units in-house at our own factory just outside of Munich.

Hardware-Entwicklung München

Hardware: Development of analogue and digital circuits

We take your projects from system analysis to circuit design and get them ready for serial production. In addition, we handle all certification processes such as EMC analyses and ESD tests. We create your schematics and layouts with Altium Designer 14 or Eagle, as required.

Eletronik-Entwicklung MünchenFirmware: Development / embedded software engineering

Micro-controllers are the first choice for controlling actuators, reading sensors, and communicating between hardware and computers. We handle the selection of the right microcontroller and develop the associated firmware. 

Software-EntwicklungComputer software: develop hardware controllers (MSR software)

Electronic components frequently communicate via computer programs. Control and measurement data are transmitted via interfaces such as LAN, WLAN, USB, RS232 or Bluetooth. We program your computer program with an intuitive interface.

smd bestueckung optimatTHT and SMD mounting and module assembly.

In our own electronics manufacturing facility we assemble prototypes and medium-sized batches of electronic modules and also handle the assembly of your modules. With our online mounting calculator, you can calculate and order your prototypes.

VP1000-66 gPrecision soldering with the latest vapour phase technology

Our ASSCON VP1000-66 lets us solder your assemblies with precise temperature profiles. This allows us to protect sensitive components such as LEDs, film capacitors, and multi-chip modules whilst following optimal soldering processes. For each soldering process, we document the temperature profile for your QM.

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With the latest technologies, we provide support in developing your next electronic product from the initial concept to the production stage and eventual redesigns. Our extensive knowledge and experience gained from running our own production facility makes it possible for us to deliver prototypes that are almost ready for production right from the first round of designs. By combining a design office and EMS, we can deliver high-quality prototypes and small series as soon as we have the design work is complete.

From hardware and firmware development to electronics manufacturing, we offer complete solutions all from a single source. Have we convinced you of our concept? Then give us a call at +49 8142 / 305050 for a no-obligation consultation.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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