Software Development

Software fills hardware with intelligence and life. Firmware updates ensure that your hardware remains compatible with future interface protocols. Remote maintenance and remote diagnostics via the internet set your product apart from your competitors.

Software development services:

  • Firmware development (embedded software):
    • For micro-controllers by Freescale, ST, NXP, Texas Instruments, Atmel, Microchip
    • For digital signal processors (DSP) by Texas Instruments
    • Real-time operating systems: ThreadX
    • Encryption: openVPN and proprietary protocols
  • Computer application software development:
    • Programming languages: C, C++, C# and Java
    • Scripting languages: TCL, PHP, VBScript, JavaScript
    • Markup languages: HTML, CSS
    • Operating systems: Linux and Windows
    • Encryption: openVPN and proprietary protocols

From encrypted updates to real-time applications, anything is possible with firmware. Energy-efficient and affordable solutions can only be maintained if the hardware and software are perfectly coordinated. We assist you in choosing hardware and write the best software for your needs.


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