Programmable Logic Development

Certain hardware concepts have proven reliable when it comes to certifying security-critical systems. Disassemble your system into security-critical and non-critical units and realize the security-critical units in hardware. This allows your system to be shut down in just nanoseconds and the proof is easily computable. If many states have to be linked and monitored in your system, we recommend using programmable logic. These are considered by certifying agencies as hardware solutions and save having to do a redesign to adapt your systems.

Programmable logic development services:

  • Logic types: CPLD and FPGA
  • Hardware description language: VHDL
  • Targets: Xilinx and Altera

Non-critical functions (such as display controls, protocols, inputs) are implemented in firmware on a micro-controller. The firmware queries the status of the logic via interrupt or polling and provides the information to the overall system. Feel free to build on our expertise and make your system absolutely secure.


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